With Kate and Maddie


Energy in Down Syndrome Research


I went to Addenbrookes Hospital in Cambridge to help Kate and Maddie and the rest of their team with their research into Energy in Down syndrome. I had my own room and stayed overnight.

We arrived in the afternoon and a nurse measured my height and weight.  I went on a treadmill for a bit and had a whole body picture taken in a big scanning machine. I got a picture of my skeleton! They put things on my body to do some more measuring and  Maddie asked me and my Mum and Dad some questions.  I had a special tea in my room before I went to bed.

First thing next morning, I had a big mask like an astronaut over my whole face and I had to breathe normally. After that I had a blood pressure test and a blood test as well. Then I had a strawberry yoghurt for my first breakfast and got dressed.

Maddie and Kate asked me some more questions and then I went on the treadmill again, with another mask on my face, a small one. The treadmill went quite fast and I got a bit out of breath with the mask on.

Finally, I had my second breakfast with sausage and bacon! Then we said goodbye.

I enjoyed helping Maddie and Kate - they are both very pretty and I’ll go back to see them  in January.

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Party Time!  13 September 2013

Kate and Maddie invited us all back for a party. It was great to see them again and to meet some of the other people who had taken part in the research. Most people came with their parents or carers and everybody brought party food. I ate lots!